Tennessee Pro Coaching

Tennessee Pro Coaches

If you want serious results, you need a serious coach! We are providing a free service to our Tennessee Pre Family with a network of hand selected coaches with proven success across Tennessee. These guys are some of the best in the business and will take the guess work out of the equation for you! 

Whether you want to just get back in shape or you want to step on stage- these coaches got you! Contact them for more information and see how affordable they are and how much care they give their clients. Just scroll through and find your class and contact them. If you have any questions as to which class you fit in, just ask! These are the Tennessee Pro Coaches!


Daavon Grayson Sr. IFBB Pro

Daavon is an IFBB Pro with a full deck of accomplished athletes with the majority being bikini and figure. He knows how to get you to where you want to be. His email is training@bodybydaavon.com . You can also text at 901-552-6065. 


Masters Class Coach

Jim Pickett

Jim trains at Agoge House of Iron in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is an accomplished coach with a stacked resume. If you are new or old, Jim has got you! You can contact via text at 423-693-4293.


Wellness and Bikini Class

Reuben Glass IFBB PRO

Benny can help you go from zero to hero. He will tailor build your meal plan and supplement plan as well as hook you up with workouts. His mission is to help you become what you envision yourself to be! Feel free to text at 901-422-1541 or email at aonfitclub@gmail.com


Posing Coach

Vania Auguste IFBB Pro

Vania has been competing since 2016 and obtained her pro card in June of 2019. She has the experience of 10 Pro Shows and Counting. She specializes in posing for bikini and wellness classes. This is a perfect coach to add to one of your other Tennessee Pro Coaches as she is a Posing Coach! She is serious about winning!